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Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. One carat is divided into 100 points.

The carat weight does not determine the size of the diamond.

Due to the high value of the rough material a diamond cutter will always try to maintain maximum weight in the cutting process, but this commonly means the symmetry is compromised.

Due to our high standards we only select a well-proportioned diamond which is of greater importance than a higher carat weight.


In our experience comparing grades of Clarity within a diamond is the hardest aspect for a customer to determine in regards to quality.

Since diamonds form under tremendous heat and pressure, internal and external characteristics are common.

These characteristics help gemologists separate natural diamonds from synthetics and identify individual stones.


The human eye tends to detect sparkle before colour. This is why we personally compare stones before we purchase them.

Two stones of the same grade can look very different.

The scale of diamond grading starts at “D” which is the whitest.


The Precision and skill of the craftsmen during the cutting process will determine a diamonds sparkle. A well-proportioned diamond will reflect and refract light from one facet to another and then disperse it through the crown in a shower of brilliance and fire.

The sparkle of a well cut diamond can actually make it appear larger as it draws more attention due to its brilliance.


In our opinion one the most important factors, commonly overlooked, is fluorescence. This disparity is evident with price, with a fluorescent diamond being 20-25% cheaper than a diamond with no fluorescence.

A stone with excessive fluorescence will have a milky appearance in natural light.

Of the diamonds submitted to the G.I.A over the past decade, approximately 25%-35% exhibit some degree of fluorescence.

Most of these diamonds end up on internet sites where the general public cannot see what they are buying.

Strong blue fluorescent diamonds can be half the price.

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